Collaborative Leadership for Verona

Alex Roman

Eight years ago, I made a promise to all of my Verona neighbors – that I would give everything I had to turn around what was then a dysfunctional government agency, that I would dig in and solve problems, and that we would treat Verona residents with fairness, respect, and openness.

We’ve made immense progress since then. We rebuilt our government from the ground up with new leadership, accountability, and modern business principles. We focused on efficiency and cost control and managed our expenses. We’ve worked hard to welcome citizen input and provide information to the public.

Under my leadership, we’ve had many accomplishments to be proud of:

  • Upgraded technology including complete replacement of our obsolete police radio system
  • Major remodeling of our historic Carnegie Library and the addition of an elevator for handicapped access
  • Reduction of Verona’s annual budget deficit from $900,000 to $250,000, with an anticipated balanced budget next year
  • Major reductions in overtime across all departments
  • New contracts with both our employee unions including scheduling flexibility for the township and future cost savings on benefits
  • A Steep Slope Ordinance to protect Verona’s hillsides from overdevelopment
  • The successful redevelopment of the Annin Flag complex, turning a closed-down factory and vacant buildings and lots into attractive new residences
  • A new economic development initiative to help grow downtown businesses and reduce retail vacancies

We’ve built a strong foundation for our ongoing success, but we will continue to be challenged by cost pressures, attempts at dense development, and the need to maintain our aging public infrastructure. I am ready to keep working for you to maintain and improve our beautiful town. With your vote for my re-election, your voice will continue to be heard and your hard-earned tax dollars will be respected and conserved.

I appreciate your support!

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