Collaborative Leadership for Verona


I am proud to stand for re-election to another term on the Verona Town Council, and of my record of delivering major organizational, financial, and infrastructure improvements to our beloved community.

When I joined the Council, I promised Verona that I would work to modernize our government, improve financial efficiency, and provide an open and welcoming atmosphere for the public to participate in our decision making. I believe we have succeeded. We have sharply reduced the growth rate of our property taxes. Before I joined the Council, tax rates would increase up to 6% while the town still ran large deficits. We have held the line during my tenure and kept our average cost growth at 2.25%. We are financially strong and have been able to continue to deliver first-class services and long-term investments in Verona’s infrastructure and facilities.

During my time as Mayor, I have placed a priority on teamwork among the Council. We have important work to do in this town, and the subcommittee structure I implemented has helped us focus on our utilities, emergency services facilities, and public health needs. I have worked hard to ensure that Councilmembers can express their differing viewpoints and find compromise, while applying their own unique knowledge to best serve the public. Anyone who watches our meetings can see us debate issues, listen to public input, and compromise. I am proud to be able to forge common ground and find agreement among diverse opinions.

We have many accomplishments to be proud of:

  • A major reduction in Verona’s annual budget deficit
  • Ordinances to protect steep slopes and trees as well as to improve stormwater management
  • New contracts with both our employee unions including scheduling flexibility for the township and future cost savings on benefits
  • A voter-approved Open Space Trust Fund that preserved the two largest open tracts in Verona
  • A new economic development initiative to help grow downtown businesses and reduce retail vacancies
  • Work on longstanding flooding issues on the Peckman River.

Going forward, I want to continue to meet our ongoing challenges. We will:

  • Implement recommendations in our new Master Plan to revitalize downtown Verona
  • Plan for the next round of Affordable Housing requirements.
  • Address the longstanding need for updated Police, Fire, and Rescue Squad facilities
  • Deliver improvements to our water system with PFAS filtering at our wells and a new booster pump at the Claridge buildings.
  • Upgrade and maintain our roads with regular reconstruction projects.
  • Complete our updates to the Verona Pool with a new splash pad and other improvements.
  • Remain as responsive as ever to your daily needs with our services delivered by an outstanding town staff.

Working together, we will continue to maintain and improve our town. I am dedicated to solving issues that affect Verona directly and serving our citizens. There is much to be done, but also so much to proudly look back upon and see how far we’ve come. I hope to have your support to continue my work for you.

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